Tuesday, September 28, 2004

My stupid birthday

In just 50 minutes, I will be 25 years old. Obviously I'm thrilled. I am. Really. Absolutely thrilled. See look how happy I am:

Nancy made it. Clearly she's quite gifted.

Its actually pretty weird that I'm not already 25. The barbeque pretty much was my birthday, so its pretty strange that "my birthday" hasn't actually occured yet. Anyway, everyone who reads my blog (Barbara and Nancy) was at the party, so I guess there's not too much to say. I spent most of the weekend freaking out about what people were going to say when they saw how messy everything was, but then it hit me. People weren't coming over to see if our place was clean - they were coming over to eat. That helped me relax a lot. Either way, I probably should have known that nobody would be rude to me on my birthday, but you really never know. Here a couple of pics to recap the night:

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Public Lecture

So, today has been stupid. Work was no fun. And to top it off - I got a cookie from the cafeteria today (a small one - probably has 100 calories), and was then approached by this guy at work:

Him: "Is that your lunch?"
Me: "No, I brought food from home."
Him: "What did you have?"
Me: "A couple of corn dogs." They're vegetarian, low-fat corn dogs, but why would I burden him with this information?
Him: "Better watch out or you'll end up with an (adjective for people that work here) figure." meaning you're going to be a fat-ass if you don't watch it.

What a jerk. He ruined my cookie.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Jamie's Birthday Gathering

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Okay, as we all know my birthday is coming up, which is why you are all marking off the evening of September 25th on your calendars. Anyway, several people have inquired as to what they should get me for my birthday. To address this question, let me start off by saying - no gift is necessary. It is, however, mandatory that you attend my party if you received an invitation and do not have pre-existing plans. I will be very sad on my birthday if not all thirteen of my friends and family are in attendence. Therefore, unexcused absences will not be tolerated and it will be very difficult for even the nicest of presents to remove you from my shit list if you are not there. So, DON'T FORGET!!! It's next Saturday September 25th and starts at around 6 or whenever you guys decide to show up.


Okay, so you may or may not know this, but my nickname at work is Jameson. So, this guy forwarded me this picture of his friend's dog, also called Jameson. Usually I would be a little annoyed that someone would name their dog a people name, and that it happens to be my name, but LOOK at this dog.

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Have you ever been more in love in your whole life??? I love how her little feet look like monster feet :) Here's another one:

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I like this picture because of the chubby toddler hands and feet.

ps - Nancy - what kind of dog is this?

Saturday, September 11, 2004

September 11

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Friday, September 10, 2004


Last week, Nancy forgot to take pictures at her birthday party, so she drew her own picture of the evening in Paint. I thought it was really cool, so I decided to do the same to commemorate my recent visits to the dentist and optometrist.

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Here I am at the dentist's office. As you can see, I got to sit in a chair while the dentist put sharp metal objects in my mouth. Unfortunately, this picture is not completely true to life, as I forgot to draw in the 1.6-kajillion megawatt light shining in my eyes.

My biggest complaint during this 90-minute visit to purgatory was how the dentist and hygenist insisted on talking in a foreign language without translating for me. "Put a note on 20 - LWF, ZEQ, and oh, on 18 there's a RSGJK. Yeah, and I also see a MXB on tri-32..." I mean, is this really necessary? Because personally, I think its rude.

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This is my optometrist as I remember her. I think she had brown hair, but it may have been blonde. The eyes and mouth are sort of a guess too - I couldn't really make them out but I'm assuming they were there.

Other than hearing the quantifiable number of how blind I am, the worst part was deciding how to hold my head during the diagnosis. For whatever reason, the optometrist didn't let me put my contacts back in after doing the letter chart. So, we had this whole conversation about whether I was a candidate for laser surgery and stuff and evidently, it never occured to her how awkward this was for me. I mean, she just did the test - she had to know she just looked like a blur of colors to me. Was I supposed to look at her like I could actually see her and make faces of comprehension? Or was it okay to just close my eyes and lean my head back since I can see about the same whether or not my eyes are open? I wasn't really sure, so I just folded my hands in my lap and pretended to look at them.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

In Touch Weekly

I'm not sure how this happened, but lately I've become an avid reader of In Touch Weekly. I used to just look at the pictures, but now I actually read the text as well. Anyway, there are a few things from this week's edition that I'd like to talk about:

First of all, did you know that Johnny Depp is 41 years old? Also, Brad Pitt and Courteny Cox are both 40. For some reason, this really changes the way I think about being 40. Like its more of an extension of your 30's rather than its own age.

Next, it is reported that Ben Affleck wants to buy the Red Sox. You know, this really bothers me. Everyone keeps talking about how fat Kirsty Alley has gotten and how skinny Mary-Kate has gotten. Has it gone completely unnoticed how annoying Ben Affleck has gotten?

The other shock is the outright stupidity of Sandy Treadwell, chair for the New York Republican Party. Regarding whether Arnold should be allowed to run for president even though he's not a US citizen, she is quoted saying "I think it would be a wonderful idea to change the Constitution." OMG. How could you be so numb to the words coming out of your mouth?

Okay, thanks. Glad to have that off my chest.

Also, as promised I have uploaded my pictures from Chicago and Monterey - they are published with the original entries below.