Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The End is Near

Get this. Today we went to Starbuck's for our normal 3:00 buzz, and there was no coffee. Let me say it again in case you're still confused:

Starbucks was open, but they were not serving coffee.

You could have a limited assortment of pastries but no coffee. It all had to do with some problem with the water purification plant, so nobody was allowed to drink faucet water without boiling it first. (Yes, I know its very hard to think all the way back to 4th-grade history class - and to answer your question - Pheonix is indeed, still a third world country inhabited primarily by nomadic tribes and has not yet been annexed into the United States.)

I asked them if they would make me some coffee using bottled water and they still said no. Ridiculous, right? Did you ever think Starbucks would REFUSE to serve someone coffee? So, whatever. We got interviewed by some journalists outside who were reporting on it. Kristine might have been on the 5:00 news but the reporter was this super hot guy so she had this dreamy smile the whole time. Obviously they couldn't air footage of someone looking that happy about not getting coffee. I, on the other hand, may be in the newspaper under the alias "Jamie Smith" tomorrow. Let's see what they quote me on.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Mad and Alone

Nobody reads this anymore, but whatever. Somebody - you know who you are - cut me off halfway through an important discussion. Now I have all these things to say to this person and its too late to call them, or anyone else. So, I'm just sitting here, pissed off.

So, Person I Am Mad At, please note, this is not a good strategy for solving problems. I am still pissed off at you. I will be even more pissed off at you for making me be pissed off for an extra 14 hours until we can settle this. I will also be extra cranky for not having been able to sleep because I am too pissed off at you.

In conclusion, Person I Am Mad At, beware. You are in for it.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Cool CD

Before my day totally sucked, I was really excited about this. Rachel and I found this set of really cool compilations called Hotel Costes. There's 8 or 9 of them and they're imports, so I guess you have to be choosey, but there is a best-of:

Hotel Costes: Best of Costes [IMPORT]

Kick-ass day turns bad

I'm really pissed. For weeks Sven and I have been talking over redecorating options and after hours of painful discussions about this floor versus that one, and how will this product affect the resale value, but what if we rent it out, and do you want to stay here for 3 more years because I don't, but we should stay here because we can't afford a house in central Austin and if we could it would be a peice of shit, and then we'd blow our budget on the house and wouldn't be able to fix it up, but there's no AC upstairs or heat downstairs in this house and we're always uncomfortable, and does the homeowners association approve of us adding a second AC unit and on and on and on. The whole thing makes me want to blow my head off I'm so sick of having these conversations, but its evident something needs to be done.

So, finally, after weeks of researching and talking and driving and looking, Sven and I agree. And tonight Sven called to arrange for a detailed estimate and the guy was like, "Oh yeah, by the way, there's a 20% fee on top of the rest to pay for having us coordinate the project." Mother, fucker. I'm sure the guy thought it was so obvious it wasn't worth mentioning and we should have known to ask up front about this. Its understandable there's an overhead fee, but I just wish he would have told us upfront to set our expectations right. Now we've done all this work with the wrong numbers and we're back to square one.

I already painted a wall with paint samples. I can't laugh and I can't cry. I'm just exhausted by it all.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Big News - Big!!

I finally broke down and got this all-out kick-ass Ceramic AMFM Anti-ionic infrared UV hair dryer.

Simply put, its wonderful. My hair goes from soaking wet to 85% dry in under 2 minutes. And my hair does what I want!! Its incredible. I blow it dry and it actually takes the shape of the brush. Its annoyingly big. Its so amazing.

Anyway, I find this completely gratifying. All these years I just assumed I was just doing it wrong. Turns out my stylist just had a better hair dryer.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Another year gone by

Sadly, I am back at work. New Year's was cool. Sven and I had a party and some people showed up. Nobody got too out of hand, including me. The only bad part was that I got the longest hangover of my life. It was really bizarre. I mean, have you ever been sick through the following night??? That's just wrong.

Also, I went to a Bridal Exposition for the first time ever on Sunday. (With Laura). It was just like in books. The best and worst part was the cake samples. I've never eaten so much cake at once! Especially in public. Usually, I eat as much cake as I can before appearing impolite or gross. But, at this exposition, you're supposed to eat cake. They encourage you to. Man, after awhile, I couldn't eat anymore. I didn't even get to try Lucy's cakes - they make the best cakes in Austin that I know of. I didn't see it until the end though, after I was caked-out.

Sadly, there was one embarrassing moment. At one point, Laura had to leave for a few minutes to help her mom find a parking spot. In the meantime, there wasn't much for me to do besides look at dresses and eat cake. There weren't that many dresses, so I headed over for my first cake sampling. All these girls were crowded around the cake table, so when I got my piece, I walked away a little so I could enjoy my cake without disturbance. (This in itself is slightly embarrassing because the behavior is reminiscent of my parent's dog, Tiny's. We always laugh at her because she carries her food away from the bowl so the other dogs can't take it away.)

But, as I was heading away from the cake table, I heard someone say my name. I looked up and it was this guy that I went to school with - I think his name is Justin. Anyway, he's this really nice guy, and he's cleaned up a lot since we graduated - he looks great. And he's with this beautiful girl, who is obviously now his fiance. He immediately congratulates me, and of course I correct him, "No, I'm not getting married. My friend is." And then I congratulate him. Coincidentally, I ran into them this summer at the airport as they were leaving for vacation. And that's where he proposed!! Yay for them.

So, of course I'm very happy for them, and I'm happy to see things have turned out so well for Justin. But, then I realized I didn't say I was there with Laura. I just said "My friend is getting married." So, to them, I looked like this super-lame person scurrying to a corner to eat cake by herself at a Bridal Exposition because her friend is getting married. I kept hoping we'd run into them again once Laura came back but we never did. Whatever. Maybe if we hadn't spent so much time at the fondue fountain.