Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The refrigerator

Today I had to dig through the refrigerator at work to find my lunch. It had been shoved all the way to the back by others performing the shove and slam technique for squashing their own lunch in. As I carefully disengaged lunch after lunch from the mass of plastic grocery bags, here is what I found out:

1.) Greater than one person at work drinks 2 liters of coke per day.
2.) Slimfast cans will rust if you let them.
3.) At least one person brings gallon-sized portions of soup for lunch.
4.) Old yogurt containers can be washed and reused as tupperware.
5.) Only one person actually uses an official lunch box. Everyone else uses plastic grocery bags (yay conformity!!)
6.) None of us is concerned enough with germs to actually prevent us from putting our food in the nastiest refrigerator I have ever been in contact with.


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