Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sexy people

Okay, so I watched one of those "101 sexiest celebrity bodies" shows. It was by accident and they had already made it to the top 10, so of course I watched the rest. It's the second one I've seen and for the second time Beyonce and Angelina made the top 5. know, I just don't get it. I won't argue that Beyonce has a very pretty face, but just how does someone with cellulite on the front of their legs get a sexiest body award? Denise Richards is fucking hot even though she just had a baby and she didn't even make the top five. It doesn't seem fair. Ninety percent of the population is trying to lose weight and Beyonce just waltzes in with her big butt and wins an award. There's a lot of people with big butts - what makes hers so special??? And where does she even buy jeans??? My ass is not small, but it is proportional to the rest of my body and I can't find pants. Ughhh. Stupid media baby. Media wants us all to be a size 2 but they throw in a fat girl so they can seem open minded while still pressuring us to look like Denise.

Likewise, Angelina Jolie made the top five on both shows too. She was actually number 1 in this one. (I think Beyonce was number in the last one.) This pisses me off partly because I still hate her for taking Brad. But, I also hate that these contests are so blatantly political. If I'm gonna watch this crap, they should at least be fair-minded about their decisions. Like Beyonce, Angelina also has a very pretty face and is really quite gorgeous. But, her body? She's got big boobs, but that's it. She's downright bony these days. I'm convinced she only made the list because she's Miss Social Rights all of a sudden. Have people already forgotten that she used to wear a vile of blood around her neck and that she made out with her biological brother at an award ceremony AND that she stole somebody's husband????

Let's just be honest. If you had a line-up of Beyonce, Angelina, and Denise, and all you could see was the neck down, who would you pick? DENISE!! And she didn't even make the top five. And where the hell was Rachel McAdams in this list??? To get a sexy body award, you should actually have a sexy body.

Anyway, I've already contemplated this for too long. But, I bet your happy I chose this topic over the janitor story.


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