Monday, February 13, 2006

Moving Home

Can you believe it? I may actually get to live at home. I just got official word there is a role for me in Austin. Still things to confirm, but it's starting to look realistic. Either way, I'm outta here on Wednesday. Which means that I am madly transitioning everything to someone else. I need to care, but it's hard. I have easily 2000 more emails to go organize and archive. Only 80's music will get me through the night.

Other updates... have not kept any of my new year's resolutions. In a freakonomics case study, I have managed to keep Nancy's resolution: No internet at work. I still email Sven occasionally, but to respect Nancy's goal, I've stopped emailing her. Somehow this has reduced my drive to accomplish personal tasks at work. Weird. Nance, could you resolve to eat veggies at least once a day?

I also read Memoirs of a Geisha this weekend. It takes a couple of chapters to get into, but I highly recommend it.

And I bought really pretty stationary.

That pretty much sums it up. Aren't you glad you checked up on me?